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Torch hoses from 1′ to 100′
We also carry hose connectors, and various brass adaptors

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Quick Disconnect Kit – Torches

quick disconnect kit torch

Sold in 3 Pack or individual Male and Female fittings:

3 pack: 1 x FEMALE QD and 2 x MALE QD (Stock #3479)

 MALE FITTING – connects to torch handle (Stock #2887)

FEMALE FITTING – (connects to torch hose (Stock #2888)

If you have multiple torches, this Quick Disconnect kit helps to make your switches more efficient

POL XS Flow Connections

excess Flow POL

Comes in different flow rates:

  • 0.9 GPM – (Stock #2409) 
  • 1.1 GPM – (Stock #2641)
  • 1.8 GPM – (Stock #3703)
  • 1/4″ MPT x MPOL

These POL fittings restrict the flow of propane from the tank

Safety feature: If a connection (hose or brass) is severed or damaged, it will cut the flow of propane at the tank to a much smaller volume

Chemical and Water Fire Extinguishers

fire extinguishers

Essential Safety Feature for construction sites, roofing projects, and more…

10lb Chemical – WBDLABC10WH – Stock #4139

20 lb Chemical – WBDLABC20WH – Stock #4140

30lb Water – WBPW250 – Stock #4080