propane cylinder sizes

Refurbished Cylinders - The Eco-Friendly Choice

Refurbished and valid for another 10 years
Sandblasted, re-painted, re-valved to look new
Sizes available: 5lb, 8.8lb, 10lb, 11lb, 20lb, 20lb with gauge
1 lb cylinders

Re-fillable 1 lb Cylinders - The Eco-Friendly Choice

Over 30 Million Disposable Cylinders End Up In The Landfill EACH YEAR

With the same dimensions as disposable bottles, these refillable bottles are an eco-friendly alternative for camping, barbecuing, heating, and more. Compatible with any appliance that uses disposable 1lb bottles.

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NOTE: Sorry, we don't ship 1 lb cylinders. They are for our local exchange program only. Call for availability.

New Cylinders

We offer Manchester, Worthington and Maxquip brand cylinders
Capacities: 5lb - 420lb. (420lb cylinders available in TC or ASME)
Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass

20lb bbq cylinder


Valid for 10 years
*NOTE: different brands may vary in size and shape

Cylinder Specs and Dimensions
10lb aluminum propane cylinder


Lighter than steel
Doesn't rust - ideal for marine applications
Valid for 10 years
*NOTE: sizes and shapes may vary according to brand

Cylinder Specs and Dimensions

17LB fiberglass propane cylinder


Lighter than steel
Doesn't rust. Ideal for marine applications
Translucent body allows view of propane level
Must be re-certified every 5 years - 15 year lifespan

Cylinder Specs and Dimensions
Viking Cylinders

Cylinder sale



5 lb Special while quantities last: $69 + tax & fill
11 lb Special while quantities last: $79 + tax & fill

Commercial Cylinders

Forklift, floor polisher and mower tanks
Cannot be used for liquid applications unless modified

20lb carb cyl

20 lb Vapour Carburetion

For floor polishers

Available in steel

Draws vapour propane

33lb forklift cylinder

33 lb Forklift

Standard forklift cylinder size

Available in steel or aluminum

Draws liquid propane

43lb aluminum forklift cylinder

43 lb Forklift

Larger forklift cylinder size

Available in steel or aluminum

Draws liquid propane

43.5lb mower cylinder

43.5 lb Mower

For lawn mowers

Available in aluminum

Draws vapour propane