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Aboveground ASME Tank

Capacities available: 250WG, 500WG, 1000WG
  • Fabricated to the latest A.S.M.E. Code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Registered with the National Board
  • Registered with CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
  • Durable powder coat finish
    • Powder Coating is a green alternative to conventional painting that
      creates almost no VOC emissions and emits very little waste
  • #72 liquid level outage valve orifice reduces refueling emissions
  • Vacuum pre-purged to save time, money and product
Metsa 250 gal
metsa 500 gal
metsa 1000gal

420 ASME Tank

  • Commonly used in cottages and home
  • Also known as 420lb/80 gal or propane “pig”
  • Available in TC and ASME
  • ASME tanks must be recertified every 25 years 
  • ASME tanks cannot be transported more than 5% full
420 ASME