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Indoor Heaters

Residential or Commercial

All indoor heaters should be properly vented

Direct Vent goes directly out the back of the unit through the wall

Chimney/B-Venting goes out the top of the unit and can be re-directed

Off- or On-Grid applications

Available in Propane or Natural Gas


Does not require electricity to run

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Martin MDV20VP
RH-50B - RH65C


Requires electricity to run

Come with blower units

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Empire DVC35 FAW40

Outdoor Heaters


Camping, hunting, fishing, and patio heat

Can run off any cylinder size
(Optional hose or adapter may be required)

Not vented, not rated for indoor use

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Outdoor Portable Heater
outland firebowl

Construction Heaters

Indoor and outdoor use

Portable, radiant, direct-fired, or ductable models

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enerco HS35 radiant portable heater construction
enerco radiant cylinder portable heaters

Garage Heaters