Indoor Heaters

empire heaters Empire Direct Vent Wall Furnaces
Direct Vent Furnaces are easy to install,
All venting is included
No electricity requiredElectric Blowers and Spark Ignition models availableWe sell parts for all Emipire products.
Counter Flowwall heaters DV25wall heaters DV10 & 15wall heaters
Empire Counter Flow

EMPIRE DV25, 10 15 Models

Shop/Garage Heaters

We sell garage Heaters, Unit heaters and wall mounted radiant hetaers.

We also have Deck heaters both wall mounted and free standing.

shop heatersTube Heaters garage heatershttp://www.enerco.com/ProductFamily.aspx?catid=77

Shop, Garage Heaters


Unit Heaters and Wall Mounted Radiant

http://www.enerco.com/ProductFamily.aspx?catid=74wall mounted heaters

heaters brands

Portable Heaters

Construction HS Seriesconstruction heatersHS35LP                         HS125LP heatstar heatersEnerco HS35LP
Enerco HS125LP
Heat Star Forced Air
Heat Star Convection
mr heater tank top single portable heatersTank Top HeatersTank top heaters are both inexpensive work great in shop, cottage, decks and more…

Mr Heater catalytic heaters are for both indoor and outdoor, use 1lb bottles (NOW AVAILABLE AS REFILLABLE) or come with quick disconnect for connection to campers and trailers and can be used with refillable bottle. They ahve low oxyigen safetys and more.

radiant heaters
Heat Star Buddy Indoor / Outdoor and Convection Heaters

Indirect Forced Air

Construction heaters come in both indirect construction and direct fired, ducting and diverts. LB White heaters are used in both construction and tent heating.

Tent heaters that wiegh only 80lbs and come with thermostat and diverter work great por both party tents and movie set extra tents.

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LB white heaters

Sure Flame


sureflame heatersDuctable Tent and Construction Heaters

flagro heaters


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