Propane Depot has a wide range of indoor, outdoor, camping, construction, and patio heaters at our showroom in Burnaby, for both residential and commercial. Call us with any questions or visit us in-store.

Indoor Heaters

  • All indoor heaters should be properly vented
  • Direct Vent goes directly out the back of the unit through the wall
  • Chimney/B-Venting goes out the top of the unit and can be re-directed
  • Off or On-Grid applications
  • Available in Propane or Natural Gas

Indoor Off-Grid Heaters

Does not require electricity to run

Indoor Off-Grid Heater: RH-50B - RH65C

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Indoor On-Grid Heaters

Requires electricity to run. These items come with blower units.

On-Grid Heater: Empire DVC55

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Outdoor Heaters

  • Portable
  • Camping, hunting, fishing, and patio heat
  • Can run off any cylinder size
    (Optional hose or adapter may be required)
  • Not vented, not rated for indoor use