Qualified Technicians

Knowledgeable Staff

Reliable Service

Cylinder & Equipment Rentals

  • Cylinders, bulk tanks, cages, heaters
  • Special events
  • Commercial operations
  • SPFX
  • Movie productions
  • Residential



Cylinder Recertifications

In Canada, steel and aluminum cylinders must be re-certified every 10 years, and fiberglass/composite cylinders must be visually inspected every 5 years.

Our Lake City Way Showroom has experienced, in-store recertification technicians that can re-valve expired or repair broken cylinders.

You can drop your cylinder off at our Main St. Location and we will transfer it to our shop and back at no charge.

Cylinder & Automotive Filling

Charge by the litre — prompt and reliable service.
Fill your cylinder at our FULL-SERVICE DOCK that can accommodate:

  • Vapour Cylinders: 5lb – 420lb TC/DOT Cylinders (cylinders for camping, BBQ, boat, etc.)
  • Liquid Cylinders: 33lb/43lb forklift cylinders

Fill your vehicle at our 24-HOUR CARDLOCK that can accomodate:

  • Vapour Tanks: underslung, top-mounted, or side-mounted horizontal tanks that fuel RV appliances.
  • Liquid Tanks that fuel your vehicle
  • If you do not have a cardlock card, stop by during store hours and our staff will fill your vehicle for you.

Appliance Repair

  • Both A-Class and B-Class Gasfitters on Staff
  • Appliance Repairs
  • Mobile Repairs
  • Custom Set-Up
  • SPFX
  • On-Demand Water Heaters, Fridges, Patio Heaters, Catering, and more!


*When inquiring about services please have your model number and serial number available.