Qualified Technicians

Knowledgeable Staff

Reliable Service

Cylinder & Equipment Rentals

  • Cylinders, bulk tanks, cages, heaters
  • Special events
  • Commercial operations
  • SPFX
  • Movie productions
  • Residential



Cylinder Recertifications

In Canada, steel and aluminum cylinders must be recertified every 10 years, and fiberglass/composite cylinders must be visually inspected every 5 years.

Our Lake City Way Showroom has experienced, in-store recertification technicians that can re-valve expired or broken cylinders.

You can drop your cylinder off at our Main St. Location and we will transfer it to our shop and back at no charge.

Cylinder & Automotive Filling

Charge by the litre — prompt and reliable service.

Fill your cylinder at our FULL-SERVICE DOCK that can accommodate:

  • Vapour Cylinders: 5lb – 420lb TC/DOT Cylinders (cylinders for camping, BBQ, boat, etc.)
  • Liquid Cylinders: 33lb/43lb forklift cylinders


Fill your vehicle at our 24-HOUR CARDLOCK that can accomodate:

  • Vapour Tanks: underslung, top-mounted, side-mounted horizontal tanks that fuel fridges, etc.
  • Liquid Tanks that fuel your vehicle
  • If you do not have a cardlock, stop by during store hours and our staff will fill for you


Appliance Repair

  • Both A-Class and B-Class Gasfitters on Staff
  • Appliance Repairs
  • Mobile Repairs
  • Custom Set-Up
  • SPFX
  • On-Demand Water Heaters, Fridges, Patio Heaters, Catering, and more!


*When inquiring about services please have your model number and serial number available.