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Cylinder Filling

We provide On-Site Delivery to residential and commercial addresses, as well as In-Store cylinder filling at both our locations. We fill cylinders by the Litre — you only pay for what you get.

We purge new cylinders at our Lake City Way Location. If it is more convenient, you can drop your cylinder off at our Main St. Location and we will transfer it to our shop and back at no charge.

Cylinder Repair and Recertification

In Canada, steel and aluminum cylinders must be recertified every 10 years. The Lake City Way Showroom has experienced, in-store recertification technicians that can re-valve expired or broken cylinders. If it is more convenient, you can drop your cylinder off at our Main St. Location and we will transfer it to our shop and back at no charge.

We do visual inspections and requalifications of fiberglass cylinders as well, which have to be recertified every 5 years.

Commercial Heater Decaling

Under the Provincial Gas Regulations and Act, the BC Safety Authority requires mandatory, “Temporary Heater Decals” to be applied every 2 years.

Heaters can be inspected and tested by a qualified gas fitter, and a decal applied In-Store.

Appliance Repair

Our Lake City Way Location has 3 In-Store gasfitters with extensive experience in propane and natural gas appliance tune-ups and repairs. We repair patio heaters, ranges, camping stoves, fridges, and much more.

Conversion from Propane to Natural Gas, or Natural gas to Propane, can be done at the Lake City Way Location.

Note: we do not do Service Calls.


Setting up a new propane system for your cabin? Need advice on the propane setup on your boat? Propane Depot’s certified gas-fitters can advise and guide you through the whole process of creating and maintaining your propane systems. From brass fittings to regulators, cylinders and proper copper line sizing, we can ensure that your system is safe, up to code, and effective.

Note: we do not do Service Calls.

Auto Propane & Cardlock

We can fill Food Trucks, RVs, Motor homes, Taxis, and other propane vehicles at both locations.

To apply for a Cardlock, contact Superior Propane.

Note: It is illegal to fill cylinders at a cardlock, they are strictly for automotive fills.

Propane Training Courses

Handling propane requires particular certifications from CPA (Canadian Propane Association). We can provide course training as well as testing for various certifications: 100-01, 100-04, 300-01, and more.

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We can ship to: Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, Victoria, Campbell River, Sooke, Parksville,

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Moody, Lion’s Bay, Langley, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Surrey, New Westminster, Delta, North
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