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MSDS sheet for propane

Here’s a safety tip that could save your life.

Always transport your cylinder secured in an upright position with cylinder valve turned off.

Here’s why:

Propane is stored as a liquid under pressure inside the cylinder. On a hot day, liquid expands and pressure increases. To guard against excessive pressure, every cylinder is equipped with a pressure relief valve which opens automatically to release gas and then closes when pressure is reduced.

If the cylinder is upright, a small amount of vapour is released.

If the cylinder is horizontal, a large amount of vapour is released. 

Never lay a propane cylinder on its side

Liquid propane is highly volatile. It vaporizes instantly at a rate of about 270 to 1. Put another way, if one cup of liquid propane is released, it instantly becomes 270 cups of pure propane vapour. Mixed with oxygen, it forms a combustible fuel which can be readily ignited by such ordinary sources such as a cigarette or a spark from an electrical connection in your automobile. Unfortunately, there have been many serious personal injury accidents over the years.

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