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Jackson Grills Outdoor Grills are durable, rust-proof, Stainless Steel and have many accessories available.

The Versa (Portable Line) and Lux (Cart Model) Series. Click on the image for more information on each model.

jackson grills versa 75 outdoor grillsVersa 75 Series #2521 – NLA, NEW MODEL COMING 2017

versa-100 jackson outdoor grills

Versa 100 Series #2520

premier-850 built in series outdoor grills

Premier 850 Built-In Series

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jackson grills premier 700 outdoor grills

Premier 700 Series #4256

lux-400 outdoor grills jackson grillsLux 400 Series #2358

Island GrillStone

island outdoor-grillstone outdoor grills

The Island Grillstone™ opens the doors to the past, enabling everyday grillers and barbecue fanatics to experience the benefits of stone grilling.

Steeped in tradition and history, Island Grillstone is an innovative barbecue accessory made of naturally porous volcanic rock cut to fit most barbeques. Its unique properties allow The Island Grillstone™ to hold the natural flavor, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring.

Comes in:

Square #3912

The Square Island Grillstone, is favored for its ability to fit on most grills
and barbecues. Quarried out of volcanic rock and shipped straight to
your door, the Square Island Grillstone is ready to make you a master

IMG_3346- edit-3x3

50 prawns, or 10 chicken breasts, or 100 asparagus


One 12″ x 12″ x 3/4 ” Square Island Grillstone

Round #3913
for charcoal & keg style grills…

Grills come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our Island Grillstones! The Round
Grillstone is perfect for those round charcoal and keg style grills where a square just won’t
fit. The Round Grillstone is also great for cooking pizza and other round-shaped foods and


One 12” pizza, or 10 pancakes, or 5 sandwiches


One 14” Round Island Grillstone™

Rectangle #3914

For the portable, table-top grill folks

Grill on the go. The Rectangular Island Grillstone is perfect for the camper or fisher. Pull
out your portable grill and cook your freshly caught fish right on the boat if you want!

Rectangle website


12 sausages, or 3 salmon, or 7 kabobs


One 7” x 12” Island Grillstone™



Easy to Use

Using the Island Grillstone is simple. To get started, simply coat your Grillstone in olive oil and let it warm up to cooking temperature on your grill. Let it cool, turn it over, and repeat for the opposite side. You’re then ready to start cooking!

No More Flare Ups

We all hate those nasty flare-ups caused by dripping fats and oozing meat juices. Older grills even often have hot spots that can burn food to a crisp. Island Grillstone saves you from all that mess. Serving as a diffuser of the direct heat, the Grillstone ensures your food is evenly cooked.


More Flavor

One of the challenges with grilling is that all the flavorful juices end up falling through the grates. This is no good. The Island Grillstone holds all the rich flavor on the stone, allowing the food to absorb its own flavors and those around it.

No Fallen Soldiers

Ever gone for a flip and ended up sliding your asparagus/patty/other item down through the grates into the heated abyss? No longer! The Island Grillstone ensures your food stays on the cooking surface, right where it belongs.

Dickinson Marine Products

 small Sea-b-que

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2 Burner Drop-in

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Dickinson Marine 2015 Propane Appliance Catalog

Note: Dickinson products have ABYC approval but they are not CSA, meaning they are only approved for marine applications, not for indoor use in cottages, houses, rv’s, etc.


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