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We sell a complete line of forklift engine & automotive replacement and conversion parts for your propane equipment.

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forklift & automotive
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forklift & automotive

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impco cobra vaporizer carburetor auto parts forkilft engines

Impco Cobra Vaporizer for Forklift
(Substitute for Model J)
Stock #2253

PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Cobra
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model J

The IMPCO Cobra (Model J) Series converters deliver superior performance and excellent pressure output consistency throughout service life. Three vapor outlet pressures are available. Use of the standard blue secondary spring provides negative 0.37 kPa (-1.5 inches w.c.). The optional orange secondary spring provides negative 0.12 kPa (-0.5 inch w.c.) and the red secondary spring negative 0.05 kPa (-0.2 inch w.c.) output.



repair kit cobra model j impco

Impco Cobra Repair Kit
Stock #2333

impco model e vaporizer automotive parts propane

Impco Model E Vaporizer
Stock #2270

PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model E and PE

The IMPCO Model E & PE Series are two stage regulator converters. It is engine coolant heated to assist liquid fuel vaporization. Diagnostic test ports are standard for both the primary and secondary pressure chambers, and a choice of diaphragm materials is available. E & PE Series regulator converters are renewable with the appropriate repair kits.





model E repair kit

Impco Model E Repair Kit
Stock #2334

impco model L convertor automotive propane

Impco Model L Convertor
Stock #2325

PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model L

The IMPCO Model L is a two stage regulator converter. These units are coolant heated and are able to provide liquid vaporization to supply up to 150 kW (200 hp) in industrial engine applications. The L Series regulator provides a negative outlet pressure of -0.37 kPa (-1.5 w.c.). No optional pressures are available. The Model L offers economical performance with full features; rear fuel inlet, primary and secondary diagnostic test ports. Optional silicone diaphragm materials are also available. Regulatory approvals include UL, ULC, E4 Regulation Number 67.

repair kit model L impco convertor automotive propane

Impco Model L Repair Kit
Stock #2336

Mixers / Propane Carburetors

impco CA55M-500 mixer auto parts

Impco CA55M-500 Carburetor
Stock #2252
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO CA55M-500 Carburetor

impco CA100M-3 mixer auto parts forklift enginesImpco CA100M3-2 Carburetor
Stock #2238
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model CA100 Caburetor

impco 125 carburetor propane mixer automotive

Impco CA125M-2 Mixer
Stock #2240
PDF Breakdown for IMPCO Model CA125 Caburetor

impco 300 mixer carburetor automotive propane

Impco CA300AM-4 Mixer
Stock #2242
Non-Feedback Model – Stock #2243
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model 300A Carburetor

beam t60 regulator mixer carburetor automotive propane

Beam T60 Regulator
Stock #1333
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO Model T60 Regulator


impco vff30 filter lock off

Impco VFF-30 Lock Off Filter
Stock #2353
PDF Parts Breakdown for IMPCO VFF30 Lockoff

electric solenoid lockoff AFC 142 mixer caburetors automotive propane

Advanced Fuel Components Model 142
Stock #1303

More Impco Models:

  • FB200M2-2 Feedback Mixer    (Stock #2288)
  • FB225M-2 Mixer                     (Stock #2289)
  • FB300A504 Feedback Mixer    (Stock #2290)
  • FT425M-2 Feedback Mixer      (Stock #2292)
  • FT100M-30828-52-002             (Stock #3393)
  • LB2 Convertor Model L             (Stock #2325)
  • VFF30-2UL Lockoff                  (Stock #2353)

    Woodwards Alternatives

    • N00-0001 Convertor (Model E) (Stock #3536)
    • MMC X-1 Regulator                (Stock #2460)

    We also carry Replacement Parts (diaphragms, gaskets, O-Rings, valves..) and Repair Kits for some of the models we carry. Contact us for more information.


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