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Rego Second Stage Regulators

Rego LV4403B66RA Second Stage Regulator Specs
Rego LV5503B Second Stage Regulators Specs
Rego LV4403B Second Stage Regulators Specs


**To maximize the lifespan of the regulator, it must be installed above the liquid level of propane: directly connect to service valve, or wall mount above the propane cylinder(s).


  • Large vent helps prevent blockage and has ¾” F.NPT for vent piping.
  • With 15 PSIG inlet pressure, regulator is designed to not pass more than 2 PSIG with the seat disc removed.
  • Incorporates integral relief valves.
  • Replaceable valve orifice and valve seat disc.
  • Straight line valve closure reduces wear on seat disc.
  • Unique bonnet vent profile minimizes vent freeze over when properly installed.
  • Large molded diaphragm is extra sensitive to pressure changes.
  • Built in pressure tap has plugged 1⁄8″ F.NPT outlet. Plug can be removed with a 3⁄16″ hex allen wrench.
  • Select brown finish.