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Martin Portable Water Heater

Model PWH01
18000 btu
Must use “potable” water
Temperature rise 11 °C to 29 °C
Maximum flow rate 3 L per minute
Height 30 cm (12 in.)
Length 25 cm (10 in.)
Depth 35 cm (14 in.)
Weight 9.5 kg (21 lb)
Overheat protection
Safety tilt switch
Takes 2 D cell batteries for ignition
12V DC water pump with 5-m cable and 1.5-m water hose
Water flow control valve
12V DC connector for cigarette lighter
Shower head with 2.5-m hose
Safety fuel shutoff if flame goes out

Works with a 1-lb (16.4-oz) propane cylinder sold separately (or optional hose)
Practical carrying bag
for heater and accessories (included)

Accessories: not included
Foldable 15-L water bag for use as gravity water supply
6-ft gas hose for connection to a 20-lb propane
12-ft gas hose for connection to an RV’s low-pressure system

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