Fisher 627 Series Commercial Direct-Operated High Pressure Regulators

Fisher 627 Series Direct Operated High Pressure Regulators Specs
Fisher 627 Series Direct Operated High Pressure Regulators Brochure



**To maximize the lifespan of the regulator, it must be installed above the liquid level of propane: directly connect to service valve, or wall mount above the propane cylinder(s).

**When connecting directly to the service valve, use a 90 Degree Vent with the vent facing downwards

**When wall mounting, use a Straight Vent with the vent facing downwards

627 Series Features/Specifications:

  • Internal Relief Valve
  • Types 627R and 627MR Travel Stop
  • Relief Operation Indicator
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Installation Adaptability
  • Application Versatility
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Wide Range of Flow Capabilities


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles

3/4, 1, or 2: NPT end connections
NPS 1 or 2 / DN 25 or 50: CL150 RF, CL300 RF, CL600 RF flanged end connections
Maximum Inlet Pressure
NPT Steel: 2000 psig / 138 bar
Flanged Steel: 1500 psig / 103 bar
Ductile Iron: 1000 psig / 69,0 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
5 to 500 psig / 0,34 to 34,5 bar in six ranges
Pressure Registration
Type 627, 627H or 627R: Internal 
Type 627M, 627HM or 627MR: External through 1/4 NPT internal control line connection in the diaphragm case
Temperature Capabilities
-20° to 180°F / -29° to 82°C
Approximate Weights
Ductile Iron or Steel Casings: 10 pounds / 5 kg
Aluminum Casings: 6.3 pounds / 3 kg