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Empire PVS18 and PVS35 UltraSaver90Plus High Efficiency Direct Vent Heater

Certified for use in all provinces and states in North America.

  • PVS18 – #4944 – 17,500 BTU
  • PVS35 – #4981 – 35,000 BTU


  • All High Efficiency Heaters Use Blowers That Require Electricity To Run (On-Grid Application)
  • Requires electricity to run
  • The most efficient wall furnace available – 92% A.F.U.E.
  • Clean, Modern cabinet fits your décor
  • Cool-Touch cabinet prevents accidental burns
  • Simple control system is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Works with most programmable thermostats
  • Works at high altitude
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Choose Natural or LP gas (Conversion kits available)
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Sealed two-stage heat exchanger protects indoor air quality
  • Electronic hot-surface ignition eliminates the standing pilot light
  • PVC (or Empire approved Poly) venting system stays cool to touch, passes all high-wind test protocols
  • Microprocessor continuously monitors all functions and displays a diagnostic code to allow faster repair (i.e. if the flue is blocked)


  • PVS18 (17,500BTU) – W 36 1/8″ x D 13″ x H 27 7/8″
    Shipping weight: 112lbs
  • PVS35 (35,000 BTU) – W 36 1/8″ x D 13″ x H 27 7/8″
    Shipping weight: 128lbs

Options & Accessories

  • PVSA1 Air Pipe Kit (Converts heater from single flue to direct-vent)
  • PVSDS1 Deep Rear Shroud (Allows venting to be run in front of the wall on floor installations only. Adds 3 3/8 inches in depth)
  • PVSEP1 External Condensate Pump Kit (Pumps condensate away from heater instead of gravity drain)
  • PVSHT1 Heated Humidification Tray (Evaporates condensate as humidity back into the room)
  • PVSRT1 Temperature Sensor Relocation Kit (Room temperature Sensor Extension)
  • PVSWS1 Wall Mount Shroud (Allows installation of heater off of the floor)
  • PVSCT10 Condensate Hose Extension (10 feet condensate drain extension)
  • FRBTPL Battery Remote Control, Programmable Thermostat, Backlit

Empire PVS18 and LVS35 UltraSaver90PLUS High Efficiency Heater Brochure

Empire PVS18 and PVS35 UltraSaver90Plus Installation Manual 2018

Empire PVS18 and PVS35 UltraSaver90Plus Parts Breakdown


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