Portable Off-Grid Fridges & Freezers


propane 12v 110v

2-Way: Propane or 12V

Models that can run on LPG/Propane or 12V

3-Way: Propane, 12V, or 110V

Models that can run on LPG/Propane, or 12V or 110V
*NOTE: freezer models can only reach freezing temperatures when on LPG/Propane or 110V. They will still cool as fridges on the 12V – perfect for transiting between sites.

Solar Models

Unique offers solar appliances that run on DC current, 12V, 24V, and AC/DC current.

When choosing a regulator...

We recommend using a high quality regulator such as Fisher or Rego brand for propane fridges in cottages, cabins, etc. Fridges are very sensitive to gas pressures and using a cheap regulator can cause over cooling or under cooling and will wear out a fridge faster than a quality regulator.